Friday, May 23, 2014

Jane "Drano" Wiedlin chats with MIT (1992)

The following excerpts are from a brief exchange w/Jane Wiedlin that was originally published in the hard copy edition of Marks in Time zine circa 1992. Interview conducted by MIT coeditor Eden Felt (aka, John Dillani) at the time and provided to our online readers now for the first time:
Jane Wiedlin: "In 1977 when I first started liking punk, a friend and I were discussing what punk names we could use if we ever started a band. He chose Donny No Doze and I decided on Jane Drano....Living in the Canterbury was exactly how the lyrics of Luxury Living described it - Margo, Belinda and I all lived there in different apartments....We liked the Slits but not that much because we thought they were scary. Early LA bands I especially liked included: The Weirdos, X, Levi & the Rockats and Wall of Voodoo."
As an aside, MIT would like to give an additional shout out to Ms. Wiedlin for not only assisting us at the time of our original publishing, but most of all for providing our zine with almost all of the band's earliest punk lyrics that until then had never before been published. Before this point (pre-internet days!) we'd only managed to find lyrics for Blades, Screaming and a few other tracks so it was it was a great asset to have her assistance in the project. Thanks again for your contributions Jane!