Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Eyes - live at the Masque 1977

(photo : Jenny Lens)

Here's to go along with the first 10 pages of Marks In Time. Before there was the Go Go's, there was the Eyes, featuring Charlotte Caffey, D. J. Bonebrake (later of X) and Joe Ramirez. The Eyes tracks below include: Little Girl From Hell, Don't Talk to Me, and the cover, I Got You Babe.


  1. These tracks and others are courtesy of Brendan Mullen of the Masque. While compiling MIT, Iraya had the brilliant idea to connecting with him regarding our zine. He ended up trading us a significant amount of early, live Go-Go's-related material...more to come. ~Eden Felt

  2. great job on this site guys! i love it!

  3. Cool! The oldest live show I have of the Go-Go's is October 1978 at the Whisky. The one I REALLY want is the Mabuhay Gardens show that they put a few songs on the RTTVOTGGs compilation! =)

  4. Lemme see what we can dig up for you Eric in the coming weeks; 1979 material is what's up next.

  5. Thanks! First time hearing the Eyes do I Got You Babe.

  6. I was at the old Masque building this morning (6-10-2014) and it was an experience to be there.
    The basement where the club was is still there and the original graffiti is still on the walls.
    The rear entry doors that go downstairs are sealed shut now, so you have to get to the old club from inside the building.
    A lot of music history from such a small place.
    It is used for storage now.

    George Vreeland Hill