Thursday, August 22, 2013

Belinda's Bra

(Below) Lyrics/artwork from an punk poetry 'zine I did entitled "The Eyeing of my Scars":
"Belinda's Bra" was a tune Regi Mentle & I wrote ages ago that was never actually recorded. The song came about because Regi saw on tv that Madame Carlisle had donated her black leather bra to Frederick's of Hollywood Museum in LA. As we wanted to form a band at the time, his immediate thought was to steal it and wear it onstage as an irreverent, semi-middle finger to her. That story inspired us to write a song about it - we cowrote the lyrics, I put some chords to it, and Regi did the artwork! (Note: Blades/Screaming/Overrun are very early Go Go's songs). ~Eden Felt

Trivia #1 : Trivia #1 : Regi Mentle used to be Darby Crash's flatmate/friend and the character portrayed in the Germs song "Richie Dagger's Crime" was inspired by him. On Pat Smear's first solo album from 1987 ("Ruthensmear" SST Records), a picture of Regi is on the back of the album cover..
Trivia #2: The original title of "Belinda's Bra" was actually gonna be "Rock 'n Roll Prostitute"...which do you think is better??

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